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The reason why I love Starfire

A personal post about my feelings for a fictional Character.

Reader discretion is advised. This a super long post and I am so sorry it’s so long.

If you want to skip it then have some flowers instead:

Alright so, I was just thinking about why I love a certain Tameranean Warrior Princess and felt I should share.

Let’s go back to the beginning, and technically for me, the beginning of Starfire for me was the Teen Titans show.

Now, for me, Starfire was probably my favorite character. She was sweet, funny, strong, loving, open, and absolutely adorable. She was curious about the world and was always ready to learn more about the things she didn’t understand. She was fierce and strong and never hid her emotions. For me, I thought that was because she was like me, the emotions we had were too much to contain and we just couldn’t keep it all in. But later on, I wasn’t sure that that was the complete reason, but I still thought of it as such.

Then comes the Troq episode that shows me that Starfire is just really so amazing. Because most of us, if not all of us, have been in that predicament, where someone thinks less of us because of our skin color, or our sexuality, or our religion, or something that is only a PART of who we are and should not truly define us. So, when the audience realizes what Val-Yor is saying about Star, I have am so livid. Even as a kid, I’m just so angry especially because he’s being horrible to Starfire. Beautiful, sweet, caring, wants to be friends with everybody and make everyone smile, Starfire. But she does something that I’m not sure I could do if i was in her shoes. She does the right thing and helps him and saves his sorry ass. After all that, treating her like she’s worthless and calling her a shitty name more than once, she still helps him. And even when he barely gives even a sub par “apology”, she still excepts it and goes on being the wonderful, happy girl she is.

As a kid, that stuck with me, because wow, is that a powerful message in a kid’s show and WOW Starfire, you are one hell-of-a-girl!

So, as time went on I started to get into comics and I found my love for Starfire growing. I must admit it was a surprise to see a little mid-drift showing Starfire turn into, um wow that is….um….(cough)…ALOT of um… >////////< (Give me a break, I was fourteen and just finding out that girls were also becoming something that made my cheeks burn.) Yet it was during recent years that I actually found my footing in comics and, thanks to Tumblr, found something that cemented Starfire as my favorite DC character.

I’m sure a lot of you have seen this panel:


You all have probably seen this page because a particular comic took this character and kind of……didn’t really get her characterization right. Now, please don’t fear, I will not go into that debate because that’s not what this post is about. I’m trying to explain why I love her and not anything else.

Sorry, I’m digressing, let’s get back on topic. Now, why I love this particular panel is because she’s just so open. I have always been told that wearing your heart on your sleeve is a weakness and in the end, it’s going to get my heart broken. I realize that, but my emotions sometimes swirl and explode because I’m a very dramatic person. I can’t always put a cork on my feelings and even when I can, they at some point just explode and I’m left trying to survive an onslaught of months worth of emotions all in one day. That is exhausting and very counter-productive when you think about it, but everyone in my life told me that it was the “right” and “normal” thing to do. So when Kory tells me that it’s wrong to hold my feelings in, it makes me realize how right she is. I’m happier when I let out my feelings and I know my friends like when I tell them my emotions. They admit that sometimes it’s like watching a tornado spin but at the same time, they say it’s nice how much I tell them I adore them and trust them to tell them how I’m feeling that day. I like when I can be honest about my feelings and I love the Kory encourages that.

Also, I just lovethe fact that she says “we allow ourselves to love many people….Always emotionally.” Can we all just take those words and put them up on every wall we can find? Because yes, I want everyone to read these words and know that we need to do this more often. We always go around not knowing how we should be with people or what relationship we have with somebody or the fact we always think we don’t NEED love to have a relationship. Why is that? Why is it so bad to have emotions and let them be shared? Yes, I know there are people who use and manipulate people; people who twist other’s emotions for personal gain. You wanna know the interesting thing about these people? They’re the people who need love the most. I know we all don’t believe in “Love conquers all evil” and I’m not saying you should. I am saying that if you allowed yourself to love someone, to be honest with your emotions, maybe you can show someone they mean something to you and they can show that love right back. Maybe because you showed one person you loved them, you can show another and another. Then those people can follow that example and show other people. Wouldn’t that be nice? People showing all that love and giving and receiving all that love? Yeah, that’s why I love Kory because she’s all about sharing love.

That’s what Starfire is to me, she’s this person who is strong because she’s this bringer of compassion. She’ll hug you when you’re down, show you she’ll be there for you, and even when you’re cruel to her, she’ll still try to show you love. What other characters do that? Especially characters who have been through the crap she’s been through? Lost her parents, was abducted and experimented on, put through slavery, having her sister hate her and still treated badly or superficially. Logically, this woman should not be so kind and loving and yet she is. She’s still wonderful and still kind even with all of these odds against her.

Another reason why I love Star is because as I mentioned before, she may be loving, but that doesn’t mean she won’t kick your ass. She may be a princess but she will SHOW you her righteous fury and you will be a smoldering crater when she is done with you. I love it because there’s this picture of this guy I believe just saying crazy villain shit and Kory just walks over to him and punches him in the face and keeps on walking.The best thing about that panel? The comment underneath. “And not a fuck was given by Kory that day.” Dear God, yes. THAT is Koriand’r to me. She is kind and loving but if you fuck with her she’ll break your jaw and keep on walking because you are wasting her time. There is just so much to love when a female character can be both nurturing and be a bad ass.

And finally, another reason I really love Kory is because she’s just her own person and is comfortable in her own skin. I know a lot of people might say “it’s not really hard to like your own skin when you look like THAT.” And well, I freely admit I completely understand. Kory with her beautiful, long, crimson hair that had sweet gentle curls and high volume. Kory with golden skin that has been proven to actually GLOW under sunlight and radiant, green eyes that were big and catlike and adorable~! I’m not even mentioning all the other qualities that makes Kory beautiful. (I bet you can tell I’m pretty attracted to her.) Yet, let’s also remember that Kory is a warrior, so with that comes muscles and scars. I know girls with muscle that feel insecure about it, feeling that a guy won’t like them if they have too much muscle or more muscle then them. I also know that scars are a common insecurity for people. Plus the fact that in today’s society, if people can’t see your hip bones trying to pierce through your skin, you’re labeled fat. But Kory is still completely fine with her body. She doesn’t cover up her body, mostly due to the fact that she needs to absorb sunlight through a good percentage of her body, but even then, doesn’t shy away or hide her body. Another example of her just being herself is that she’s a model and when asked why she did that, she mentions that she likes it. It ‘s something she enjoys doing and she realizes that it’s not helping the world, but it’s her decision. That right there is why I love her. Because she realizes something that not many heroes seem to realize all the time.

Yes, she is Princess Koriand’r, Next in line (or is she already? I forget) for the Throne and leader of her People. Yes, she is also Starfire, member of the Teen Titans and one of earth’s greatest heroes. Yet, she is also Kory Anders, a person with thoughts, feelings, and has a personal life filled with the choices she makes for herself. She is all of these people but most importantly, she is always the last one because that deals with her own person and her own personal choices in life.

So yeah, I have a lot of feelings for the character as you can probably tell. I believe I got through all of my points and again, this is just my personal feelings on the character and showing you how much I love her. Yes, I know she’s a fictional character, but she’s a fictional character that means so much to me as a person.

I want thank all of you who read all the way to the end of this incredibly long post and thank all of you who also love this character!